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Explore how your personal belief systems are intrinsically tied to your business’ access to potential. Reveal the path to a business destined for abundance through tuning in to your intuition and working with the universal laws.

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This is for you if

You want your work to help people


You want to work without blocks around money, freedom and location


You are interested in working with the universal laws of attraction, abundance and manifestation


You are interested in building a client-based business (not a pre-req)


You want to learn more about who you are meant to work with and your ideal clients


You have (or want to start) a business and want to increase your income 


You desire a deeper connection to your intuition


You want to go deeper into learning about who you are, and you would like support in your spiritual journey


You want to experience more joy in your life


You feel ready to clear blocks that stop you from living the life of your dreams


You want to live a life that doesn’t involve competition and comparison


You are ready to change your relationship with money and live in more flow


You are ready to let go of drama, noise and struggle


You feel unsupported and desire more support


You want to build a community of attraction and love

Why Vibrate Light?

I’ve experienced a big shift in my business and life over the past year and from the outside looking in, you wouldn’t really know why. Business is as usual in terms of creating things, doing things and having fun. What has happened on the inside, though, is a complete metamorphosis of stepping into who I truly am. And that is an experience that I want to share with YOU. I want you to learn how to step into your light on a daily basis so that you can begin to feel what it feels like to feel good. Feeling good isn’t just about what you are eating and how much you are moving. Sure, those actions can play a role and certainly impact how we look like on the outside. They are not the main focus.

Part of me stepping into my power and my work on this planet is about working with you and being brave enough to stand in that place. Through the years of mentoring and coaching clients through eating disorders, depression, anxiety and body image I have come to realise that the most important thread of all of this work is love. It’s about how we are loving ourselves through the times when we don’t necessarily like ourselves. And how our world as we know it, is a reflection of what is going on inside- an environment that we are not seeing clearly.

Vibrate light is all about that. It’s about clearing out the clutter, moving through the limiting beliefs and stories and patterning, in order to establish a stronger and more open connection to our intuition. We are all intuitive. Every single of one us. Being intuitive doesn’t make one person more special than another. We are built for this work- to use intuition and to work with it. In Vibrate Light you are going to learn not only how to work with intuition and how to use it daily, but you are also going to learn about when you cut yourself off from intuition and get yourself back into connection. You will learn about how to re-direct your attention inwards so that you can essentially create the life that you dream of living. This is a mentorship on feeling good and learning what it means to feel good every single day. When we choose to feel good- everything shifts: our money and wealth consciousness, our relationships, our health and eating habits, our home life and of course- our work life.

In Vibrate Light you are going to learn what your strengths and super powers are and how to harness them in a way that they can support you in creating your dream life. For 3 months you will work with the intimate support and guidance of Chloe as well as the amazing group who are called in (who are meant to be called in) to learn what it feels like to be unconditionally supported, loved and connected to your higher self. It takes 90 days to re-wire our subconscious mind. Because we have grown up to perceive lack, it takes time to re-wire those sub-conscious patterns.

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12 Weeks to Vibrate in Light

Week 1: who am I

Week 2: fears and the reptilian mind

Week 3: mind voice vs soul voice

Week 4: contrast and clarity (what is my contrast)

Book: #1 for book club


Week 5: shadows

Week 6: momentum

Week 7: belief systems

Week 8: soul script

Book: #2 for book club


Week 9: manifesting 101

Week 10: money and abundance

Week 11: intuition

Week 12: meet your spirit guides

Book: #3 for book club


This is a 3 month program
NEW DATES TBA (including cost/details)

The cost includes:

3 calls with Chloe per month

1 group call on zoom per month (3 in total)

Access to a private Facebook group

Daily love from Chloe

Mind body spirit medicine

Weekly themed focus and homework (see below for weekly course curriculum)

Book club + Monthly Book Club call

Weekly guided meditations

Chloe’s private client number (24/7 access)

Group work around intuition

Partner work


Get in touch for the application call to begin the journey of connecting business and intuition and living in abundance!

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Get in touch for the application call to begin the journey of connecting business and intuition and living in abundance!

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