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Explore how your personal belief systems are intrinsically tied to your business’ access to potential. Reveal the path to a business destined for abundance through tuning in to your intuition and working with the universal laws.

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This is for you if

You want your work to help people


You want to work without blocks around money, freedom and location


You are interested in working with the universal laws of attraction, abundance and manifestation


You are interested in building a client-based business (not a pre-req)


You want to learn more about who you are meant to work with and your ideal clients


You have (or want to start) a business and want to increase your income 


You desire a deeper connection to your intuition


You want to go deeper into learning about who you are, and you would like support in your spiritual journey


You want to experience more joy in your life


You feel ready to clear blocks that stop you from living the life of your dreams


You want to live a life that doesn’t involve competition and comparison


You are ready to change your relationship with money and live in more flow


You are ready to let go of drama, noise and struggle


You feel unsupported and desire more support


You want to build a community of attraction and love

Transformation Testimonials

12 Weeks of Transformational Work

Month 1: WHO AM I?

Week 1 the story of who you are (understanding your story)

Week 2 mind voice vs soul voice

Week 3 fears & the reptilian mind

Week 4 emotional awareness (understanding your vibration)


Month 2: WHY I AM, WHO I AM

Week 5 belief systems and limiting belief systems

Week 6 contrast vs clarity

Week 7 understanding momentum and how to shift it

Week 8 shadow-self and subpersonalities



Week 9 manifesting (what is it, how does it relate to you)

Week 10 abundance

Week 11 money, money, money

Week 12 stepping into your intuition and working with it daily


Start date: June 18th, 2018

End date: September 24th, 2018


Each week includes:

weekly worksheet

weekly intro pdf with information and introducing the theme of the week

weekly themed guided meditation by Chloe


Each month includes:

1 Group book club call (1 hour)

1 Group mentorship call (around the theme of the month) (1 hour)

3 Private calls with Chloe each


Cost of Program:

in Canadian Dollars

725 per month ($2,175 TOTAL) or $2,050 PIF (paid in full $150 OFF)

*payment can be made in full or monthly payments

*please inquire about payment plans

Apply Now!

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