Your Ultimate Holistic Bali Guide

Hello loves!

It’s funny- I’ve traveled to a lot of places in my lifetime and I have certainly tried several times to write up a ‘guide’ or at least a ‘vegan foodie guide’ to the cities I’ve been, for you. Somehow, they never end up getting completed. Somewhere along the way I feel as though I didn’t visit enough spots of wished I had more time to cover more of it. This time around, I feel thoroughly prepared. Not only does Bali (and especially Canggu and the surrounding area) feel like another home now, but I am also SO excited to share this guide with you. What started as a vegan foodie guide has turned into a bit of an all-inclusive guide to your time in Bali. And I will say that writing this is a part of my mission to get back to Bali soon, and remain connected to a place I love so dearly.

In this guide you will find my favourite vegan food spots for Canggu, Berawa, Ubud, Uluwatu and Seminyak, as well as my favourite coffee spots, best wifi areas (best spots to work if you are a digital nomad), favourite tourist destinations, best sunset spots and more. I want to mention (in case it’s not obvious) that this is all coming from my experience and opinions- I encourage you to explore Bali when you are here- visit new spots (new places are popping up all of the time) connect with people, try new things and most of all- get lost. It’s the best thing to do, while in Bali. Lose all of your preconceived notions of what your trip will be like, what you will do, and what you will see- and instead- follow your intuition and leave some space for spontaneous movement. It will all be that much more fun. And whatever you do, make sure you eat, a lot. Have fun! Who knows- maybe you’ll see me at one of these spots again soon!


ps. I’ve created a little ‘key’ for each spot I will put stars for you to know my ‘grading’. Ok, let’s get to it!

Favourite spot in Bali *****

Worth going ****

Could miss it ***

Not worth it **

We didn’t make it *

(Oh and by the way, all of these items are not in any numerical order of significance.  Sure, we have our favourites- but honestly everyone mentioned below I love and support all of the great local businesses of Bali!)


Ok so Canggu- aka the ‘Gu’ is definitely our favourite part of Bali. I have never actually stayed in Canggu before- I’ve been coming to Bali since I was a kid and used to stay in Seminyak, Uluwatu (four seasons) or Ubud. I’ve been hearing a lot about Canggu through friends and thank goodness I trusted the opinion of one of the best- Bella (love you) to stay here. We absolutely LOVE Canggu. Honestly, it’s home. Every time we left Canggu, arriving back was like a deep breath of fresh air. It’s basically got the vibes of a chill hipster town- with arguably the best food and coffee in Bali. Also, it’s very laid back with the beaches and ocean near by and also short-cut drives through the beautiful rice fields. Look, just go to the Gu. You won’t regret it.


  1. Crate Cafe
    Crate is a really great neighbourhood spot. One of our favourite parts is that it is open at 6am, is a fully open-air container cafe and has a pretty great menu. Oh, and it’s very open-space and there are very comfy couches to set up shop on. This is definitely that place that maybe doesn’t have the BEST food/service, but it is just the cool spot. No questions asked. Also, it is located away from the crowds on Jalan Canggu Padang Linjong shortcut (new location, google maps still hasn’t updated it from the Batu Bolong location). The coffee is good, the seats are super comfy and as long as you go before 9am, you’ll get your food/drinks fast and find a spot no problem. It’s a really big space and its’ very trendy/popular. It’s owned by a really hip/trendy Aussie #bosslady and her daughter also runs the concept store. This is a spot where you will see the cool crowd of Canggu, as well as all of the top travel, fashion and foodie bloggers. Hint: lots of instagram shoots will be happening around you.
    Our favourites are: almond latte, why so cereal, chia boi and the veto (without feta or salmon)
    Rating: *****

  2. The Shady Shack
    This is also one of our regular spots. It’s got a super tropical Bali feel to it and has SO many vegan options. Also, Shady Shack was the main place we would order food delivery through go-jek and it always came fast and in good quality (especially on rainy evenings). The wifi is not always 100% reliable here but when it is good, it’s a great place to write/work/bring your laptop and enjoy a few hours at. There is lots of space to sit and it is really beautifully decorated. We basically got smoothies to-go everyday (Choc Tops for Faris, Kale Storm for me) and the Vegan Cheeseburger was a hit for Faris (we suggest getting the spuds).
    Our favourites here are: Kale Storm & Choc Top Smoothies, the smoothie bowls, the Bee Nees Nachos (make them vegan by removing the melted cheese & sour cream and add the vegan cheese questo that they put on the jackfruit tacos), the Jackfruit Tacos, the Green Roll-up Wrap, the Nori Bowl and the Vegan Cheeseburger.
    Rating: *****

  3. Nalu Bowls
    Nalu bowls is really popular in Bali and has locations in Canggu, Berawa (attached to Milk and Madu, Uluwatu and Seminyak). Basically, it’s a rustic/hipster smoothie shack and all of the smoothie bowls are served in the iconic Bali coconut bowls. Our favourite Nalu is in Uluwatu (the space itself is really nice and lots of room to sit and enjoy the day with your smoothie), the one in Canggu is attached to Do Jo’s, the co-working space right next to Echo Beach.
    Our favourites: they have a great new smoothie bowl called Mavericks
    Rating: ****
  4. Samadi Bali
    We never actually ate here, but we visited it en route home one day. Every single Sunday there is a great local market here with some arts/crafts and local produce. This seems to be quite a spot for the expat locals and is also a yoga/yogi hub. The cafe has a pretty great menu with lots of vegan options. It’s super yogi-vibes.
    Rating: *
  5. Motion Cafe
    We only made it here once, on the first week of our visit. It’s right on Batu Bolong and is a good breakfast/lunch spot. We both got the vegan burger and it was pretty good. Also, they have lots of food to go and things like breakfast bars and baked goods. Apparently the Zucchini Noodles with pesto and cherry tomatoes is also really good (can’t confirm if it’s vegan though).
    Rating: ***
  6. La Baracca
    This is a chain and it’s also in Seminyak and Uluwatu. We went two times for dinner in Canggu and enjoyed it. There are quite a few vegan options on the menu and they were all really good. We got the vegetariana with extra veg (mushrooms, olives, eggplant) and the vegan mozarella. Also, I got the vegan pasta which was pretty delicious (olive oil, garlic, chilli and vegan mozarella). It’s a really nicely designed restaurant, very romantic/rustic and in Canggu the upstairs has a great view of the area to enjoy with a glass of wine and some vegan pizza.
    Rating: ***
  7. Le Roys Vietnamese
    This is a new spot in Canggu that our friend Bella recommended to us. It’s on the same road as La Baracca and Shady Shack- and it’s very trendy/hip. They have 2 really delicious vegan appetizers (the tofu sliders, rice rolls and you can get the vegan pho or the vermicelli bowl. It’s also a great spot for trendy cocktails- and we loved the window seats. This is definitely a new hot spot in Canggu and is high quality and authentic flavours. A go-to for us on date night. The staff are really friendly.
    Rating: ****
  8. The Lawn
    The Lawn is basically the main beach club in Canggu. It’s pretty epic. A great spot for sundowners (sunset drinks)- and on Friday evenings it’s basically the place to be. They have happy hour Monday-Thursday from 5-6pm and on Fridays’ the happy hour is from 7-11pm. If you are with a group you can book and their is a minimum spend for the sunbeds/cabanas. Bring your instagram husband and enjoy a classic margarita at sunset! They have rice rolls here that are pretty good (vegan option). If you want to opt for the less expensive drinks- I always resorted to Albens Cider (the local cider that is sold everywhere). Hint: bring your camera for some beautiful sunset shots.
    Rating: *****
  9. Avocado Factory
    We never made it here- it’s also on the same street as Shady Shack. I’ve heard mixed reviews, it’s brand new so I think it will probably evolve with time. They have a pretty creative menu though and is certainly worth a try (gotta love avocados).
    Rating: *
  10. The Machinery Cafe
    Our friend Mark told us about this spot when we were looking for a good wifi spot in Canggu. It’s right on Batu Bolong (near Motion Cafe) and is definitely a wifi/working spot. You will most likely find someone else with a laptop sipping on caffeine. The coffee is good and the wifi is very reliable. I didn’t try anything on the menu- but there are lots of vegan options! I got the cold brew in a bottle with coconut milk and coconut nectar- it comes with a glass and big square ice cubes. Delicious!
    Rating: ****
  11. Betelnut Cafe
    I saw this spot recommended on a lot of websites and by people- so we went one afternoon after the spa. My honest opnion is that it isn’t that great- especially in comparison to all of the incredible bali spots. There are some vegan options- but in terms of flavour and quality- it wasn’t there for me. I got the Sanur bowl and Faris got the healthy tacos. We might have ordered the wrong thing- but yes. I do think the smoothie bowls look good!
    Rating: **
  12. The Loft
    We never made it here- but it is definitely a beautiful location.Right on Batu Bolong, open, great atmosphere. The menu looks great too! This is a re-production of a hot spot on Bondi in Sydney. There is a popular instagrammable-wall here (you’ll see it when you believe it).
    Rating: *
  13. In the Raw
    This is a beautiful location- very ‘secret garden’ ish. We both got the green curry that was really delicious. They had these tempeh ‘cakes’ that were no joke like chicken nuggets- but tempeh. So good. The menu is not fully vegan or raw (which you might assume from the name) but it does have options and is rather tasty!
    Rating: ***
  14. Cafe Organic
    We never made it here- it has pretty good reviews though and seemed to be busy.
    Rating: *
  15. Amo Spa Cafe
    I was quite surprised when I found this out- but while I was getting my toxin-free manicure at Amo Spa, I ordered an almond mylk latte only to realise that they made their own in-house almond mylk and the latte was amazing. The menu itself looks really epic and has a lot of vegan options. The cafe downstairs is a great spot to get work done- reliable wifi to.


Seminyak is super close to Canggu and basically the in-between of Kuta and Canggu (don’t go to Kuta!) It is definitely less beach vibes and more of the busy city vibes- perfect spot for shopping and getting lost in boutique stores and exploring the streets. Seminyak is home to many cafes/restaurants/bars and has a pretty great scene on the main shopping street- Jalan Kayu Aya (where Revolver and Mad Pops are). Seminyak is also home to some pretty popular beach clubs including Ku De Ta and Potato Head. I’ve stayed in a beautiful villa in Seminyak before with my family 4 years ago (Villa Des Sens)– but in general, this is less of the villa area and more of the busy- shopping area.

  1. Kynd Community
    This was definitely our favourite spot in Seminyak. Such a cute cafe with a very insta-famous wall backdrop. The whole essence of this cafe is around kindness and sustainability- their bathroom wall has such an inspiring message around how to live your day- make sure to bring your phone with you to snap a shot (I never managed to). The staff here are really friendly and there is also a selection of vegan tees to buy. They also have some delicious baked goods (the banana muffin is SO good).
    Our favourites were the smoothie bowls (berry tropical, green & grind), the banh mi baguette, asian persuasion bowl, and the toasts. You can mix n match your toasts- my favourites were the Leo and Aspey. The matcha coconut mylk latte is so good!
    Rating: *****

  2. Revolver
    This is the most popular coffee spot in Bali- their coffee is served at Peloton Supershop….
    It’s a really cute/trendy/retro cafe with great coffee in Seminyak right off of Jalan Kayu Aya. The entrance is off the main road and not too obvious! They have vegan options on the menu.
    Rating: ****
  3. Spicy Coconut
    We never made it here but I really wished we could’ve. The menu looks great and it’s a very cute spot.
    Rating: *
  4. Shelter
    We never made it here but it has amazing reviews and is a holistic/vegan/wellness hub in Seminyak.
    Rating: *
  5. Coffee Cartel
    We never made it here- comes highly recommend though. Check out their instagram for inspiration. Really beautiful coffees/food/smoothie bowls and tons of vegan options.
    Rating: *
  6. Sardine
    This is a really beautiful restaurant on the rice fields that I have been to with my family a few years ago. It’s definitely pricey- but it is a beautiful spot for a special dinner and is deceiving because it is right off of Batu Belig but once you are in the restaurant it is surrounded by rice fields.
    Rating: ***
  7. La Laguna
    The location of this lounge/establishment is really wonderful- right on the water and the perfect spot for sunset. The design is so great: think, hippie, gypsy wonderland. The menu is a bit pricey- but it’s definitely a great spot for a sunset cocktail on the way home from Seminyak. We didn’t have any food- I think its’ probably not amazing food but this place is more about the atmosphere/decoration/vibes than the food.

  8. Sisterfields Cafe
    I haven’t been here, but my friend did and said it was really delicious. Check out their menu to see if it fits your trip tastebuds!
    Rating: *
  9. Mad Pops
    We never made it here and I literally said while were there just 1 week ago that Canggu will open up a vegan ice cream place soon. And guess what? Mad Pops just opened in Canggu! So sad to have missed it. This is your spot for vegan ice cream and they also just launched a vegan soft serve which in the words of GuGuide “it was yammmmmy! I’m there literally everyday!”
    Rating: * / *****
  10. La Baracca
    See Canggu list for description
  11. Ku De Ta
    A popular sunset spot- I haven’t been here for 4 years but it was definitely one of the main spots. Right on Seminyak beach- great for sunset drinks and they also serve dinner. I believe we went here for Christmas Eve one year- i’m not sure about the vegan options though!
    Rating: ***
  12. Kembali Bumbak
    This spot just opened so we didn’t make it there- it is the little sister of Nude (in Berawa) and is already building a pretty great reputation for coffee! Located in the umalas.



Ok so Berawa is technically still Canggu- but it is on the other side of Jalan Echo Beach and it definitely has a bit of a different vibe to Batu Bolong. The way that I can describe it is: Berawa is a bit more surfer vibes- it has a bit more grunge to it and it is also home to a LOT of brand new cafes and foodie spots that have been opened by expats! Faris and I only really started hanging out in Berawa  on our 2nd last week and we fell in love. The beach is amazing and the waves are definitely better than on Echo Beach (in my opinion)- so it’s a great spot to watch surfers and enjoy the beach vibes at sunset. You’ll most likely spot a lot more surfers here as well as bikers.

  1. Matcha Cafe
    This was one of our favourite spots in Berawa and it is owned by the sweetest Italian chap, Matteo. This is also a really great spot for wifi- and it has a very cute/cabana vibe- with open air style and a great menu. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (JUST launched dinner menu), the menu is filled with very creative options and lots of vegan options. The coffee is some of the best on the island and of course, the matcha! We weren’t able to try the new menu (left just before it launched- they are now open for dinner too) but based on the regulars and the instagram posts- it is amazing. The matcha gnocchi! The pancakes! This is a must visit. Make sure to say hi to Matteo and if you go twice you might notice the regulars.

  2. Island Deli
    We heard about the vegan bagel here- so we got 2 to go one day to eat at the pool. For a vegan bagel, it’s pretty good, comes with a big piece of marinated tempeh and a curried coconut dipping sauce.
    Rating: ***
  3. Green Ginger Noodle House
    We loved it here so much we returned 3 x in one week! The entire menu is really good and it’s never too busy. A perfect quiet dinner spot.
    Our Favourites: Larb (SO good), San Choy Bau, Pad Thai (vegan option without egg) and the gyoza. We didn’t try them, but the curries also look amazing!
    Rating: *****
  4. Nude
    This is a really beautiful restaurant in Berawa. Great vibes and a lovely spot for a glass of wine. The vegan burger is pretty good (black charcoal bun), the veggies sides are also really delicious (the carrots!).
    Rating: ***
  5. Milk & Madu
    The most popular pizza joint in Bali- they have a great special on Tuesdays 2 pizzas for the price of 1. We got the Greenpeace Pizza (vegan- without cheese add cherry tomatoes, olives and roasted pumpkin) and the Margarita Pizza (vegan-without cheese, add olives and mushrooms). Nalu Bowls is attached here so great for breakfast too, as well as Revolver coffee. They also have a margarita (the drink and the pizza) special every weekday from 5-pm.
    Rating: ****
  6. Milu by Nook
    We never made it here. It’s been recommended though!
    Rating: *
  7. Vinny’s Warung
    We never made it here. It looked great though- a vegan/veg style Indonesian joint. Super creative and I have a feeling it is probably pretty good.
    Rating: *
  8. Bali Bowls
    We never made it here- we were going to go one day but it was pretty full and a bunch of people were smoking upstairs on the patio. The smoothie bowls look good!
    Rating: *
  9. Ruko Cafe
    This is a very popular aussie spot- we never made it (we tried to go one day but they didn’t have almond milk for our lattes). It seems to be great for coffee and your standard breakfasts (avocado toast anyone?)
    Rating: *
  10. Two Trees
    Another new spot in Berawa, right next to Matcha Cafe. Super cute design- tons of instagrammable spots! The food was really delicious and the service was great. The owner was sitting beside us and was very kind and friendly. You can also come here for a glass of vino after a beach day!
    Our favourites: Let Us Falafel Salad, Sweet Potato Gnocchi Puttanesca (it is gluten-free and you can get it vegan), the lattes
    Rating: ****
  11. Koloni
    We only discovered this spot on our last week- we really wanted to visit for the food but we ended up not making it. We met the owners though and they are so lovely (from the US). The interior design is beautiful and this is a great spot to write on your laptop or unwind with a good book. Good coffee, good food, super relaxing.
    Rating: ****
  12. Nalu Bowls
    See Canggu description
  13. Secret Spot
    We never made it here but it looks like a really great spot right next to Peloton Supershop. They just launched a new menu and the Choco coco smoothie bowl looks epic!
    Rating: *
  14. Peloton Supershop
    This was definitely one of our favourites in Bali. We went so many times and every time we were blown away by the quality of this incredible menu. Every single item is like a vegan’s dream. Also, you will probably spot Elsa and her sister (gypsy_lust) on any given day with their partners, along with most other vegan bloggers. The upstairs is open and a great spot to sit and enjoy the Bali energy. I’m going to go as far as saying that you can’t go wrong with ANYTHING on the menu. The brunch is also SO good.
    Our favourites are: Tricken Parmy, Tricken Schnitzel Burger, Nachos, Full Out Tabbouleh, Rendang Burger, Mi Amigo the smoothie bowls, the lattes, Ms Jackson Tacos, Fully Tabouleh Bowl, almond latte, matcha almond latte, Power House Bowl, and the Spaghetti Carbonara
    Rating: *****


  1. Suka Espresso
    This was our main spot in Uluwatu- we went everyday and sometimes 2 x per day. A great menu and AMAZING staff. Uluwatu is just starting to really open good vegan spots and cafes- so this from a design perspective might not be the best but in terms of the options, the energy and the people there- I highly recommend it. We actually spent Christmas morning here. They do house-made almond milk and tons of vegan options. If you’re in Uluwatu, you have to go here.
    Our Favourites: The Pitaya Bowl, Mango Madness Bowl (so good), Pimp my Avo (without feta), tofu scramble wrap (breakfast wrap), Veg Char Char Sandwich, Beet it toast (vegan), Zucca Wrap (without feta, add mushrooms and eggplant), Fruit Platter
    Rating: *****
  2. Coco & Poke
    We never made it here. Check out Elsa’s bali guide to see what her favourites are.
    Rating: *
  3. La Baracca
    See Canggu for description
  4. Nalu Bowls
    See Canggu for description
  5. The Cashew Tree
    We never made it here but we were recommended to it- it’s a popular location in Uluwatu
    Rating: *


Ubud is literally the yoga paradise of Bali. Known to be the arts and crafts center of Bali, as well as the spiritual hub- it is the land of rice fields and waterfalls. Ubud is where most of the yoga and meditation retreats will be and is filled with all things yoga. Much more silent and ‘tranquil’ than Canggu and Seminyak- it is the place to be if you are really into daily yoga (can you tell yet?)

  1. Kismet
    This was one of our top 5 spots in Bali. We even made the drive all the way from North Bali (GitGit) to Ubud on the way home to Canggu, just for Kismet. The vegan satay OH MY GOODNESS. This is a concept store/cafe/restaurant and it is very central ubud (not far from Clear Cafe). The whole menu isn’t vegan but they do have many vegan options. My favourite (by far) was the Asian Salad Bowl with noodles, vegan satay and the tempeh (THE TEMPEH!) Faris’s favourite was the Green Curry and the vegan satay cheesesteak sandwich (made vegan). The vegan nuggets are also absolutely insane.
    Rating: *****
  2. Elephant
    We never made it here, but it is the same owners as Green Ginger Noodle House in Berawa- so we assume it must be good.
    Rating: *
  3. Alchemy
    I didn’t make it to Alchemy on this trip, but I have been before and 3 years ago it was THE PLACE TO BE. They have an epic breakfast bar and a really solid vegan menu.
    Rating: *
  4. Yoga Barn- Garden Cafe
    This is definitely the most popular yoga hub in Ubud (arguably, Bali). The Garden Cafe is the vegan cafe attached to the yoga oasis and has a variety of juices/smoothies/food. It’s a great way to re-fuel post yoga.
    Rating: ***
  5. Sayuri Healing food cafe
    I never made it here but my girlfriend Brittany told me about it. Apparently the Dragon Fruit Raw Vegan Cheesecake is delicious. They also came out with a black sesame one recently that is apparently very good.
    Rating: *
  6. Clear Cafe
    Clear Cafe is basically the new hot spot in Ubud. It is a truly beautiful space- they have a spa upstairs and a LOT of seating space (with a variety of floor/cushion tables or normal seating. The menu is extensive and has raw/vegan/vegetarian options. They also have a little store attached with housemade snacks and some of their most popular items to go. A great spot to sit and work- good wifi too.
    Rating: ****


  1. The Lawn
    See Canggu section for full description.
  2. Naked coconut
    This turned into one of our favourite sunset spots thanks to the recommendation of Gu Guide. It is right on Pantai Berawa (walk past Finns Beach Club and you’ll find a bunch of small beach hut style bars). There is always space, there is no minimum spend and it’s the best place to watch sunset, enjoy an Albens Cider and watch the surfers. We didn’t eat here.
    Rating: *****
  3. Olds mans
    Old Mans is one of the iconic Canggu spots. Another no-frills spot right on Echo Beach near The Lawn. Happy Hour is everyday and is pretty epic- later on at night it gets very full and the party sometimes moves down to the beach. Live music, hilarious people watching and lots of locals and beach bums. If you are looking for somewhere simple and you literally do not need to dress up at all (straight from the beach), this is it. We didn’t eat here.
    Rating: ****
  4. Rock Bar
    Rock Bar is one of the best known bars in Bali- situated right on the cliffs of Uluwatu attached to the Ayana Resort and Spa. I must confess, we didn’t make it here- which is crazy because we stayed at the Ayana Resort. We really didn’t enjoy the hotel though, so we left before the evening began. The views from Rock Bar look incredible- an amazing spot for sunset and a cocktail. Make sure to go early if you want to sit, it gets busy and priority seating goes to the hotel guests.
    Rating: *
  5. La laguna
    See Seminyak section for full description.
  6. Ku de ta
    See Seminyak section for full description.
  7. Finns
    We didn’t actually ever go in here- it felt a bit too much for what we were looking for. It is definitely a popular spot though- major DJs play here (think new years eve) and for sunset it is hopping. Right on Pantai Berawa. There is a minimum spend.
    Rating: *
  8. Single fin
    This is definitely the most popular sunset spot in Uluwatu. I’m talking AMAZING views. Grab yourself a classic margarita, try to find a seat and enjoy the people watching and the insane uluwatu sunset.
    Rating: ****
  9. Uluwatu Cliffhouse
    This is a new beach club in Uluwatu. It is quite the scene- think European beach club meets the middle east/Asia. Expect a DJ, loud music, bikinis and high heels… it’s that kind of scene. If you’re feeling that though, it’s a great spot to go. Also, great place to spend the day when it’s a blue bird.
    Rating: ***
  10. Suarga Padang padang
    This was our favourite place in Uluwatu. This hotel is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and the staff are very helpful and welcoming. When we arrived here we WISHED we had booked here. Instead, we basically spent all of our time here and even went to the spa here. Grab yourself a cocktail or glass of wine and enjoy the peaceful sunset.
    Rating: *****
  11. El kabron
    We came here for dinner one night- it was really wonderful. Think spanish tapas and paella vibes. The staff are really welcoming and helpful and the view is amazing. You can also spend the whole day here- it has perfect seating to enjoy the view while dipping in the pool and sipping on sangria.
    Rating: ****
  12. Sundays Beach Club
    We never made it here but it is VERY popular in Bali as the best beach club.
    Rating: *


(Instagrammable spots)

  1. Monkey Forest in Ubud
  2. Hidden canyon beji guwang
  3. Tegenungan Waterfall
  4. Tegallalang Rice Terraces
  5. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple
  6. Git git waterfall
  7. Mount Batur sunrise hike
  8. Temple of Lempuyang Luhur
  9. Uluwatu Beaches: Nyang Nyang, Bingin Beach, Padang Padang
  10. Kecak Dance
  11. The Bali Swing
  12. Wayang Kulit
  13. Gamelan


*See Sunset Section for full description

  1. Sundays Beach Club
  2. Single Fins
  3. Finns
  4. The Lawn
  5. El Kabron
  6. Uluwatu Cliffhouse

SPAS IN BALI (massage, mani/pedi)

  1. Cantika Zest (Ubud)
  2. Amo Spa (Seminyak, Canggu)


  1. The Machinery
  2. Matcha Cafe Bali
  3. Dojo’s Co-Working Space
  4. The Shady Shack
  5. Workshop (Ubud)


  1. Revolver
  2. Matcha Cafe
  3. Peloton Supershop
  4. Kynd Community
  5. Crate Cafe


  1. Our amazing Airbnb Villa
  2. The Aston Hotel
  3. The Slow
  4. find a villa on airbnb or one of the facebook groups- they are decent prices and will change your Bali experience.


GuGuide (for Canggu & Berawa)

this is literally the best resource and there is an app to download that includes everything that is on, what is near you, happy hours and specials of the day. Plus, the founder is always on instagram and will answer your every question with love and kindness.


The HoneyCombers Bali

This is a go-to guide for Bali locals and travelers. They cover everything from shopping, to hotels to food all around Bali. It isn’t strictly vegan or holistic- but has style and covers a variety of topics around travel and what to do/where to go/what to eat/what’s trendy.


Elsa’s Wholesome Life Bali Blog

Elsa’s guide on her blog was literally my vegan foodie bible while I was in Bali. Her and her sister (gypsy_lust) both live in Bali now and have great taste when it comes to beautiful and balanced food.


Go Jek

Go Jek is the Indonesian Uber. This will save your life- you can get a motorbike ride (bring a helmet), car  and it also offers food and grocery delivery (plus more). They key is to be flexible and patient (cars cancel a lot) but it is SO cheap you can’t refute it. Download the app onto your phone and you can pay with cash.

*I will continue to update this as I spend more time in Bali. This was written in January 2018.

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